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Don't be caught in yesterdays boots

In 1986 Dell offered a PC with twice the power of an IBM for half the price. Parts came from the same factory and yet nearly everyone bought the IBM. Assumptions are expensive. Ugg boots are a style of footwear, like every type of footwear in existence there are many brands to chose from. We're causing a stir and the other brands don't want you to know about us. The experts say we're warmer, they say the fleece is thicker and hand stitching more durable. Our customers literally sleep in them some even get married in them. We're offering warmer ugg boots for less. Now you know

What do footwear experts say?

Having sampled many brands over the years, it's become clear that there is one in particular that's a cut above the rest. Whooga's.
Laura Waldon - All in London
For me, the thing that stands out most is the quality of the structure particularly around the ankle area
Kate Winthrop - The Style Bite
these boots feature mega-thick sheepskin lining.
Laura - So Far So Chic
They have a lovely thick, dense fleece inside and the sole is sturdy without making me feel clumsy.
Emma Waight - Running in these Heels

Compared to UGG Australia boots NYShoe said this

The Whooga boots actually had the thickest shearling out of all the boots I reviewed; it filled the spaces between my toes from the top as well as from the bottom. With other ugg boots I obviously felt the fleece around my entire foot, but after a bit of wear the shearling molded into a little hollow foot igloo. The Whooga boots, with their twin faced fleece, are enveloping, like being swallowed in soft warmth that somehow stays in place. And the shaft of the boot kept the fleece touching my entire leg without being restrictive, which was one problem I had with the UGG Australia brand, as above. These boots keep you super warm without being overly warm its really a try it to believe it kind of thing. NYShoeSpy

Why Spend More on Boots that Aren't As Warm?

You really should consider all major brands of ugg boots and make an informed decision before spending your money. Respected shoe expert and fashionista NYShoeSpy spent a day in every major brand of ugg boots. Whooga was rated the warmest and most luxurious beating brands like EMU, UGG Australia, Bear Paws, Koolaburra and others. Now consider that we are half the price of these brands. How is it we're warmer?Stay with us for a moment and take a look at the science behind warming your feet.

Heat transferred from your body circulates between the inner fibres of the sheepskin fleece in uggs, think of it just like insulation in modern homes. The thicker denser fleece we use results in a greater volume of warm air circulating around your feet, it's like double insulating a home. You'll notice our boots bringg you up to temperature faster and provide a far more lavish foot bed.

Demonstrating the flow of air and insulative ability of an ugg boot
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Why Whooga's are Risk Free for you to Try

  • Choose your favourite style colour and size
  • Contact us for help or to ask a question
  • We'll send out your boots quickly and let you know where they are at each step of shipping

  • Slide your feet inside the thick merino fleece and if you're not completely over the moon exchange or return, hassle free!

What do get when your choose Whooga?

  • Our care guide which includes top tips on how to dramatically prolong the life of your boots
  • VIP membership, which means exclusive discounts and priority access to new styles
  • A pair of ugg boots experts choose, made with the thickest fleece
  • Protection of your new favourite boots with our warranty
  • Insanely Toasted feet all winter
Nothing is as warm as twin faced merino fleece

What is the difference between Whooga and others?

Whooga ugg boots are crafted with twin faced merino sheepskin which meets minimum quality guidelines higher than those found in traditional ugg boots. Twin faced merino sheepskin is leather in which the outer and inner woollen fleece is one piece. It is quite thick and yet very light in weight resulting in a boot which is not only very warm but also easy to wear. Twin faced leathers are remarkable insulators. They are so effective at temperature regulation (keeping you warm) that no man made material is capable of matching their performance.

Twin faced merino sheepskin has a number of scientifically researched benefits which are not present in other types of leathers and is one of the many reasons you should avoid fakes. Amongst sheepskin leathers available there are a number of grades. Medical grade sheepskins, those found in Australian hospitals are the highest grade with denser, spongier and thicker inner fibres. Higher grades of sheepskin provide a greater degree of associated benefits. The fleece provides better insulative performance, greater amounts of lanolin and the leathers are generally more durable. We use a higher grading of twin faced sheepskin solely because we wanted to produce a more comfortable ugg boot. Dozens of comparisons would indicate we have achieved this goal.

Comparison between Whooga ugg boot and traditional ugg boot

8 Reasons Whooga is The Smart Choice for You

  1. Keep your feet warmer

  2. You're buying boots independently reviewed as the warmest, for half the price of lesser brands!A greater volume of air circulating between thicker and denser woolly inner fibres has a similar effect to double insulation in a modern home. Warmer feet in winter and cooler in summer.

    Spending more on boots that aren't as warm is insane

  3. Promote Circulation

  4. Sheepskin is used in Australian hospital beds because its very effective at evenly distributing pressure. A sheepskin fibre can be bent over 20,000 times and spring back to its original shape. No other fibre can match this performance. Synthetics loose shape in less than 2000 bends. This means in an authentic sheepskin boot, the heavier parts of your foot, calf and ankle will be supported and pressure evenly distributed. An even distribution of pressure results in improved circulation and a feeling of walking on air.

  5. Hugs the exact contours of your foot

  6. The thicker and springier inner fibres stretch out further to hug your foot from toe to the top of your calf. Reviews often comment that compared with other brands Whooga ugg boots stay in contact with the calf while others tend to fit a little loosely allowing cooler drafts to circulate. Twin faced sheepskin is soft leather which will stretch and shape to meet the contours of your foot within 1-2 weeks of wear. The thicker and inner fibres and self shaping leathers create an unrivalled level of comfort.

  7. Absorb Moisture

  8. Sheepskin fibres are thick and absorb over 30% of their own weight in moisture. A synthetic fibre will absorb a paltry 2% by comparison. Moisture is quickly absorbed by the sheepskin fibres and removed by the circulation of warm air between the fibres. This is one of the largest differences between high grade sheepskin ugg boots and lower grade synthetics. The upshot is that foot odour is quickly absorbed and neutralized while synthetic boots eventually end up offending those nearby. This is also the reason we sell a great deal of ugg boots to those in warmer climates.

  9. Moisturize feet / Avoid dry skin

  10. Our twin faced fleece contains higher amounts of lanolin. Lanolin is a natural oil which has been extracted from sheepskin fibres and applied to skin as a very effective moisturizer. It has also been used as a balm and shown to heal wounds faster. Our sheepskin contains greater trace amounts of lanolin.

  11. Hypoallergenic

  12. Authentic twin faced sheepskin is amongst a select few materials which are known to be completely hypoallergenic. As we outlined above the condition of your skin will actually improve due to both lanolin and even pressure distribution.

  13. Retain shape longer

  14. Higher grade twin faced sheepskin leather has a denser inner wool pile which improves the structural rigidity of the ugg boot without compromising comfort. This is why our boots retain their shape and support for longer. Synthetic boots by comparison slant to the side causing problems for ankles and resulting tightness in your calves.

  15. Built to Support your foot

  16. Our ugg boots are reinforced with a suede heel guard which is designed to both protect and support your ankle. Sizing and support should not be overlooked as ugg boots often become your most worn piece of footwear. The EVA sole will wear to the shape of your foot within the first 2-3 weeks of wear creating a boot which if sized correctly will be indulgently comfortable and good for the health of your foot.

Double Stitched by Hand

Double Stitched by Hand

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