Look Sassy in Your Ugg Boots

What to Wear

Ugg boots are comparatively chunky and so your primary style consideration is slimming your lower half. There are a couple of tricks you can employ to achieve this. Typically a thicker and bulkier top will balance things out and avoid the bottom heavy look. On the same note darker colour leggings slim the lower half and give your legs a thin appearance.

What Not to Wear

Ugg boots appear frumpy when worn with old sweaters and track pants, this look is considered the ultimate fashion faux pas. If your ugg boots are worn and slumping they're damaging your ankles and feet and hurting the eyes of everyone around you.

If you intend on going casual, wear darker colour ugg boots with darker colour pants, dark colours slim very effectively and don't appear clunky. Skirts are fiercely debated and should only be worn in warmer climates, don't become a walking contradiction.

Where Can You Wear Ugg Boots?

While not everyone adores ugg boots they’ve been around for over 10 years now and form part of everyday casual attire in winter. Over the years we’ve witnessed celebrities at formal events, and more recently men regularly wearing ugg boots. If you’re still not entirely comfortable wearing ugg boots to more formal locations consider darker ugg boots once again. Dressed in darker colours black ugg boots are barely recognisable.

I prefer wearing the boots at home or casually among close friends. They're extremely comfortable and keep my feet warm, and it feels cosy wearing them at home. Plus, I would hate wearing them outdoors and getting them dirty and then having to also wear them around the house. They're also great all year round!

I wear them when it's really cold outside and when I want to wear something comfortable.

To go to work, shopping or taking a walk in a park. I wear them to go anywhere whenever I want to feel warm and comfortable in my shoes.

Which Colour Ugg boots Should I Buy?

The two main factors you need to consider when choosing the right colour are versatility and resistance to staining. Ugg boots soak up just about everything, even the snow will leave salt marks on ugg boots which can be a nightmare to remove and destroy your new boots. Darker colour uggs like Black and Chestnut do not stain as easily as lighter colours like Pink and Sand. Our gold and pewter ugg boots are treated and are water and stain resistant out of the box. Lighter colours like sand and pink will show up marks more easily but they will also resist fading better than black. Chestnut tends not to fade and so it offers the best of both worlds. The other consideration is outfit coordination. Black and Chestnut tone down the bulk of ugg boots and rarely appear clunky. Black will go with almost anything and often people will not recognise that you’re wearing ugg boots. If you’re concerned about wearing ugg boots in public then it may be the best colour for you. Thus far in 2012 Chestnut, Black and Grey are the most popular colours.

Which Style Should I Buy?

If your calves are over 16” in circumference (around 7” from the bottom of your foot) a classic short or mini will provide the most comfortable fit. The next thing to consider is the type of bottoms you intend to wear with the boots. We do not suggest folding ugg boots over, it tends to stretch and weaken the leathers faster leading to sagging. If your calves are a tight fit in talls it’s best not to wear pants which will stretch the boots further. For this reason if you wish to wear thicker jeans, short ugg boots will be the best style and provide a similar amount of warmth. From a style standpoint short ugg boots are best if you’re short. Tall ugg boots tend to make shorter legs appear even shorter. In terms of popularity, short and tall are split 40/40 with the remaining 20% being minis.

Which colour should men buy?

Men tend to prefer darker colours, chestnut and black being the most popular with Chocolate in third. The majority of ugg boot styles were initially designed for men and remain a unisex style although classic short and mini are the most popular styles. Is it ok for men to wear ugg boots? Earlier this year Jeff Wild, a comedian on the US TV show Chelsea Lately tweeted “They should make ughhhh boots for people that hate ugg boots” We responded by issuing a challenge for Jeff to wear a pair. If he didn’t enjoy them we’d rename our boots ‘ughhhh’ boots. Jeff was man enough to concede defeat and posted this.

Are Ugg Boots Still In?

Over the past 10 years ugg boots have become to the US and Europe what they have been to Australian’s for many years, a winter staple. First and foremost ugg boots are incredibly warm and this is something everyone can appreciate, regardless of your stance on them as fashion. In Australia ugg boots tend to divide the fashion savvy. Some believe they’re best worn in private while others see them as fashion staple. In terms of sheer numbers ugg boots are more popular than ever and look set to be popular again in 2012.

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