How to buy the perfect size ugg boot

Get the fit right and your ugg boots will last much longer and be far more comfortable. Here is how to get the fit spot on first time.

  1. Measure both feet, from the back of your heel to your longest toe
  2. Take the longest measurement of both feet
  3. Match your measurement to our sizing chart (listed below)

If your measurement falls between go with next size up. The boots should be snug and slip on easily. Do not apply force and stretch the boot over your heel. If the fit doesn't feel right contact us for an exchange.

Will ugg boots fit my calves?

There are rarely issues with ugg boots fitting over calves, the leathers do stretch to fit most shapes and sizes. The classic short and mini almost never cause issues because the top of the boot does not rise up the calf enough to cause issues. To ensure your calves will fit the classic tall:

  1. Measure the circumference of your calf 30cm up from the ground
  2. If your calf is over 38cm you should opt for a classic short or mini

Our Weave boots which are crafted with Merino Wool, stretch to fit all calf shapes and sizes. There are a number of specialist manufacturers that offer more flexible calf sizing options. Duo boots and Wide widths are both excellent.

Mens, Womens, Kids and Wide Sizes

The classic range of ugg boots are designed for both men and women. To see mens, womens and kids size charts please select the titles on the pages of the appropriate boot style and follow the sizing advice above. Ugg boots are wide fitting, the naturally springy inner fleece and memory foam sole work remarkably well catering for all kinds of foot shapes. Ugg boots distribute pressure more effectively than traditional footwear and are suitable for those with wide and swollen feet.

What if the fit is wrong?

Ugg boots will stretch over a period of 1-2 weeks of wear. This is perfectly normal but the boot should not feel overly tight. If you feel you have the wrong fit please contact us and we can arrange an exchange.

Upsize or downsize?

There is no need to size up or down with ugg boots as a general rule. If you are a 7.5 we suggest you purchase a size 8. Your boots should be snug and comfortable from the get go and it is best to follow the sizing guidelines above.

Do ugg boots stretch?

Yes, the thickness of the merino inner fleece will vary between each and every pair of ugg boots and so no two pairs will feel or fit exactly the same. Over a couple of weeks or depending upon how often you wear your ugg boots they will gradually stretch and mold to the contours of your feet.

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