15 Ugg Boot Tricks You Need to Know

    They're crafted with rare twin faced sheepskin leather from Australia, comparatively expensive and easy to destroy. Read our tips and make your ugg boots last

  1. Read the forecast and avoid cooking
  2. If it's going to be wet out and you haven't protected your ugg boots with scotch guard or another leather protector, leave them at home. Snow and rain water is dirty and will leave small stains in your boots. For this reason do not cook (oil splatter) in your ugg boots.

  3. Don't Stretch and Trim your Nails
  4. The soft leathers in ugg boots tear easily and can't be repaired. If your boots are overly stretched they'll sag and might even tear. So trim your toe nails, don't overly stuff your ugg boots with thick jeans and size your boots correctly.

  5. Avoid ugg boot sag
  6. Ugg boots sag for a number of reasons which are quite easy to avoid. Don’t stuff your jeans into them, the leathers will stretch and weaken (and then sag). Keep your ugg boots dry. Wet ugg boots will lose their shape. When you’re storing them away for the summer stuff them full of newspaper and store them in your wardrobe in an upright position. If your ugg boots are already sagging follow our dirt and grime cleaning instructions to help restore shape and structure.

  7. Baking Powder to Prevent smells
  8. Ugg boots which have been wet and incorrectly dried will stink. Checkout our cleaning instructions and place a teaspoon of baking powder in your boots, the baking powder will absorb most of the smell.

  9. Stay off the ice
  10. The soles are designed to be low weight and extremely comfortable but ugg boots are not designed for outdoor conditions and lack the grip you’ll need on the ice and snow (which you should also avoid for the above reasons).

Stella the Chiwawa in ugg boots
Besides a bed, dogs also see ugg boots as chew toys
  1. Watch the dog
  2. The leathery scent and soft fleece make your boots an intoxicating chewable toy to dogs.

  3. Moisturize your feet
  4. Many misinformed people assume ugg boots are bad for your feet. Authentic sheepskin, contains lanolin. Lanolin is a very effective natural moisturizer which promotes blood flow and circulation. Use your ugg boots to relax (and not run a marathon) and your feet will be fine.

  5. Sockless
  6. The inner lining of an ugg boot is a replacement for your socks. It will wick away moisture and circulate air around your feet. The soft and supple fleece is far more comfortable than a pair of socks.

  7. Clean and protect to prolong the life
  8. Water and staining is sometimes unavoidable. You can help prevent staining from the rain by protecting your ugg boots with a silicon based sealant like scotch guard. Keep in mind you will need to keep reapplying the sealant regularly as it does wear off. Ugg boots can also be destroyed quite easily during cleaning, take a look at our cleaning guide for instructions.

  9. Consider all brands
  10. The word ugg boots as defined in the Oxford dictionary refers to a style of sheepskin boots. As with any purchase it pays to know your options before parting with your money. There are many high quality brands such as EMU, Love from Australia and UGG Australia (in addition to Whooga).

  11. Avoid Fake Synthetic ugg boots
  12. Synthetic ugg boots to not meet the dictionary definition of an ugg boot. They’re not made from sheepskin which is what makes an ugg boot warm and allows it to breathe. Cheap synthetic (fake) ugg boots sweat, stink and circulate bacteria around your feet.

  13. Reapply Protectant Regularly
  14. Silicon based ugg boot protector does eventually wear away and needs to be reapplied. How often should you reapply? If you’re unfortunate enough to be caught in the rain reapply it immediately, otherwise once a month is fine.

  15. Dark colours can transfer dye
  16. When you first begin wearing darker coloured ugg boots (black in particular) a small amount of dye can transfer to your feet. This is perfectly normal and happens with all authentic ugg boots. The dyes used in our boots (and most brands) are made from natural components and will not harm your feet.

  17. Try them next summer
  18. Ugg boots breathe and circulate air between the fleecy fibres. They will actively cool your feet and will not cause your feet to sweat (up to a point of course). If you think ugg boots are only for winter pay a visit to an Australian beach.

  19. Men can and do wear uggs
  20. Ugg boots were created by Australian men, for Australian men. Throughout Europe and the United States ugg boots spread amongst females as a fashion staple. Australian men wear ugg boots because they are warm, you can too. If you need to see male celebrities wearing them before you indulge yourself you will now find hundreds.

Ugg boot sag side by side comparison
If your ugg boots are sagging follow our cleaning instructions.
Toe Nail damaged ugg boot
Long sharp toe nails and boots fitted too tightly look like this

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